Pain Relief Roll-On - CBDA + CBD

Our Pain Relief Roll-On is a harmonious blend of CBD, CBDA, and essential oils like eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil, offering fast-acting relief and soothing effects for muscle and joint soreness. Enhanced with SENDS nano delivery technology, it ensures a faster onset of benefits. This hemp extract-infused topical cream comes in a mess-free, roll-on applicator, making it easy to apply directly to affected areas for targeted relief. Experience a cooling sensation, ideal for aches and pain relief. It's a must-have for your wellness and skincare routine, offering a hassle-free way to soothe inflammation and promote a healthy recovery. Read more about how this cbd roll-on can become an integral part of your health regimen. Read more.

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MONTKUSH's Pain Relief CBDA Roll-On represents the pinnacle of hemp-based wellness, combining MONTKUSH USDA organic CBDA rosin with advanced SENDS Nano delivery technology for effective relief. This all-natural, cooling cream is housed in a mess-free, roll-on applicator, designed for fast-acting, localized relief of joint pain and muscle soreness. Perfect for those with an active lifestyle, it's a testament to our commitment to the highest quality, full spectrum hemp extract products.

Cultivated and processed on our own farm in Vermont, our CBD and CBDA offerings are fully compliant under the Vermont Department of Agriculture and proudly certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers. Embrace targeted relief with eucalyptus leaf oil, which invigorates and relaxes tense muscles, all while being non-psychoactive. MONTKUSH's CBD products undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure purity and potency, making them legally shippable to all states. Discover how our CBD roll-ons can aid in relaxation and effective pain management. 


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3 fl oz
Recommended Use
Apply topically as needed to problem area.
Water, Glycerin, Propylene-glycol, Patent-Pending Nano-Technology, MONTKUSH USDA Organic Hemp Rosin, White Willow Bark, Vitamin E, Vitamin C.
Certificate of Analysis (COA)
MONTKUSH Certificates of Analysis

Superior Quality at an Affordable Price

Our Pain Relief Roll-On is uniquely formulated with Full Spectrum, USDA organic CBDA rosin, mirroring the quality found in our acclaimed Raw CBDA oil. This commitment to quality differentiates us from others who may opt for low-grade isolates. Enhanced with hemp extract, our product is designed for fast-acting relief, targeting sore muscles and aching joints. It's affordable and made to provide effective pain relief and reduce inflammation with a simple application. Our non-psychoactive, third-party tested roll-on is a must-have for those seeking targeted, localized relief without unnecessary additives. Read More.

Pain Relief Roll-On - CBDA + CBD FAQ

How much CBD is in the Pain Relief Roll-on?

Our Pain Relief Cream is available in concentrations of 750mg or 1500mg of CBDA + CBD, carefully blended with other natural ingredients designed to nurture your skin and provide relief to sore muscles. This topical product, full-spectrum hemp extract, offers targeted relief to affected areas. Ideal for those seeking fast-acting relief from muscle and joint pain, our cream is a must-have for your wellness regimen, ensuring effective relief and soothing effects without the psychoactive effects of THC.

Is the Pain Relief Roll-on messy?

Not at all! Our Roll-on is crafted for convenience and ease of use, delivering a rapid cooling effect with natural ingredients like eucalyptus leaf oil and camphor for joint and muscle support. It provides CBD in a direct, targeted approach to areas of the body needing relief, all in a mess-free applicator. This ensures that hemp extract and CBD oil are applied directly to specific areas, offering soothing effects and comfort without the mess.

Can CBDA and CBD really absorb into the skin?

Absolutely! Studies have confirmed that CBDA and CBD can be effectively absorbed through the skin, providing targeted relief for sore muscles and aching joints. Our CBD topicals stand out because we don’t use plasticizers, which can block CBD absorption. Instead, we employ SENDS nano delivery technology to enhance absorption rates, ensuring our topical products are fast-acting and highly effective. By focusing on natural, high-quality ingredients and cutting-edge technology, we maximize CBD's benefits, supporting healthy recovery and wellness without relying on synthetic additives.

What is SENDS nano delivery technology?

SENDS (Self-Emulsifying Nano-Delivery System) represents a cutting-edge advancement in CBD technology, enhancing the absorption and effectiveness of cannabinoids like CBD and CBDA. This innovative technology ensures fast-acting relief by increasing the bioavailability of CBD when applied topically, allowing for a quicker onset of effects directly at the application site. Designed for targeted relief, SENDS technology is a game-changer for those seeking effective relief from pain, inflammation, and soreness in specific areas of the body, ensuring that the full spectrum hemp extract is utilized to its maximum potential for wellness and relaxation.

What can topically applied CBD do for me?

Topically applied CBD, particularly when using products like CBD roll-ons and CBD topicals, offers localized relief for aches, pain, and inflammation in specific areas of the body. Our customers frequently report benefits for muscle and joint discomfort, finding that applying CBD directly to the affected area can provide fast-acting, targeted relief. Whether it's sore muscles or aching joints, the topical application of CBD products—enhanced with essential oils like peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil—can soothe and invigorate, aiding in a healthy recovery and promoting skin health. Ideal for hassle-free application, topical CBD is a must-have for immediate soothing effects.

Can I combine topical CBD products with ingested CBD products?

Absolutely! Combining topical CBD products with ingested CBD offers a comprehensive approach to wellness and relief. Topical applications, such as Medterra’s Pain Cream, provide localized relief to areas like sore backs and stiff necks, delivering fast-acting relief and cooling sensations. Meanwhile, ingested CBD products work systemically to soothe inflammation, relaxation, and support overall wellness. This dual approach allows for the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to be engaged both topically and internally, maximizing the entourage effect for effective relief and relaxation across all areas of the body. By leveraging both ingested and topical CBD, users can enjoy the full spectrum of benefits that CBD has to offer for both mind and body.

Can I apply too much topical CBDA or CBD?

When it comes to topical CBDA or CBD products, moderation is key, though there is flexibility based on personal needs and specific areas of pain or inflammation. We advise starting with a moderate application, suggesting one to two times daily as a general guideline. Our CBD topicals, including roll-ons and creams, are formulated for safe, targeted relief and can be applied directly to affected areas for localized relief. Enhanced with all-natural ingredients and essential oils like peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil, our products are designed to soothe and provide fast-acting relief to muscle soreness and aching joints without the worry of adverse effects, making them a hassle-free addition to your wellness routine.

Does topical CBDA or CBD smell bad?

Absolutely not! CBD itself has a very neutral smell, and all of our topical CBD products are infused with natural fragrances derived from essential oils and hemp extract, ensuring a pleasant scent. We incorporate eucalyptus leaf oil, spearmint oil, and camphor for their refreshing and invigorating aromatherapy benefits, alongside their soothing effects on the skin. Our CBD roll-ons and creams not only aim to provide effective relief for joint pain and muscle soreness but also enhance your state of mind with their all-natural, appealing fragrances. We pride ourselves on the high quality and purity of our CBD topical products, which undergo third-party testing to ensure they meet the highest standards, offering a healthy recovery option that smells great too!

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