At MONTKUSH We Are Passionate About Natural CBD

Started out of the need to help family, MONTKUSH believes CBD should be available to all those in need at an affordable price.

At MONTKUSH, we are passionate about Natural CBD.

Starting with the need to provide a quality product for our family, MONTKUSH believes quality CBD should be available to all those in need at an affordable price.

Our Inspiration

The inspiration for this project is Anthony's daughter Devon. She was born with a rare genetic disorder and has dealt with more medical issues in her short life than most people do within a lifetime. When a prescribed medication caused her to lose 20% of her body weight and practically erased her vibrant personality, CBD proved life-changing for Devon. Her experience was our motivation to start MONTKUSH.

Our Mission

To help heal through organic hemp.

We strive for Purity, Potency & Efficacy.

We plant the seeds and then add water.

We nurture each seed until it sprouts into a sapling.

Then, when ready we transplant each sapling by hand into the soil and tend them as they grow.

At harvest we select the premium flower, trim it, and gently dry it.

Then using pressure and a little heat, press the dried flower to extract our miracle organic Rosin.

It’s our MONTKUSH Rosin that makes what we have special.

It’s simple and we like it that way.

What's in our name?

MONT:French for Mountain, The “Mont” in MONTPELIER, and the last part of the word VERMONT.

KUSH: The region in the foothills of the Himalayas where our plants originated centuries ago. Also, HINDI for the word Happy

MONTKUSH – Happy Mountain

The Founder

Anthony Sullivan founded MONTKUSH in 2019 after a life changing experience with his daughter, Devon who was born with a rare genetic disorder. Anthony is best known as the Spokesperson for OxiClean. Devon cointunies to thrive, is now 12 and uses MONTKUSH everyday.

Anthony Sullivan


Anthony ”Sully” Sullivan is an entrepreneur and TV personality. He’s best-known as the spokesperson for OxiClean and at the helm of Sullivan Productions where he has produced and appeared in dozens of commercials for practical consumer products including Swivel Sweeper, Tap Light, Sticky Buddy and H2O X2 Steam Mop, to name just a few. He has a stable of clients including OxiClean, Arm & Hammer, Carrabba's, Nutrisystem, McDonald's and more.

What We Do

The Farm

MONTKUSH farm is located in Plainfield, Vermont. The Green Mountain State. It's a small organic farm and proudly holds a USDA organic certification. Founded in 2019, MONTKUSH farms is where we grow all the hemp we use to make our CBD. We oversee every part of the process when making our products.

Our Product

We work hard to ensure that you are getting quality CBD for an affordable price. We take pride in planting our seeds, growing our organic plants and pressing our sun grown hemp into the purest CBD rosin. We 3rd party laboratory test our products for purity and strength guaranteeing that you get a quality product. When you choose MONTKUSH, you are selecting a brand made with you and your wellness in mind.

How do we make Rosin?

How do you get the freshest orange juice? You squeeze it right! Simple! That’s what we do at MONTKUSH. We take our select premium flower and use a specially designed 200 press. When the press reaches an optimal temperature, just enough pressure reveals the freshest extract hidden in our Hemp. It’s called rosin. This rosin is our primary ingredient. It’s hard to get. The yield is minute. It takes a lot of Hemp to get a little Rosin. It’s potent, powerful, and made with zero chemicals or solvents, no toxic residue, and no CO2. It’s how mother nature wants you to experience CBD.

Our Family

From naming our fields after our family to hiring local farmers and supporting Vermont local businesses, we foster the culture surrounding MONTKUSH. We know navigating the CBD marketplace can be very unclear, so we set out to make high-quality products for our family that you can trust with yours.

Ethan Zohn - Brand Ambassador

Ethan Zohn, the winner of CBS’s Survivor: Africa, is an author and co-founder of the global non-profits Grassroot Soccer and Safe Roots Foundation. Through his humanitarian work and community involvement, he has found purpose and believes that we can achieve a healthier world through education, advocacy, and inspiration.

In 2009 he was diagnosed twice with CD20+ Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Ethan endured years of aggressive treatment, including two stem cell transplants. Never losing optimism, spirit, or humor despite extraordinary rigors and setbacks, Ethan used his journey and platform to connect with others – young adults in particular – and offer much-needed inspiration, advice, and comfort. An advocate of cannabis as a considerable part of his recovery, Ethan has become part of MONTKUSH to embrace CBD as a part of his everyday life. In finding healing through cannabis, Ethan founded Safe Roots Foundation: Supporting a new wave in teenage drug misuse prevention. Safe Roots Foundation supports positive youth development programs that offer healthy alternatives to drug misuse and bring awareness to reducing harmful substance use. As demonstrated by his charitable work with various global health and wellness organizations and community involvement, Ethan believes his inspiration to help heal the world stems from being taught the importance of kindness, community, and a connection to social goodness at an early age.

Research and Education

Cornell University

MONTKUSH is working with Cornell University School of Integrative Plant Science to identify optimum soil nutrient loads to improve frost resistance of certain strains of industrial hemp.

Over 1500 5-star reviews

Everything we do, we do it for you. Early on, we all agreed that we needed to share the wealth. We do this by promoting CBD education and helping raise the industry's standards. Additionally, our doors are always open, so if you're in the area and want to chat – feel free. We're a friendly bunch and constantly working on getting better. We can't wait to share what's next!

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