How to incorporate CBD into your daily routine.

Posted by MONTKUSH on 22nd Nov 2020

With the rising speculation, notoriety and popularity surrounding CBD oil over the past few years, I’ve become no stranger to the variety of uses and benefits CBD oil can have on one’s health and overall quality of life. For someone who has now been a consistent user of CBD products over the past two years, with MONTKUSH Natural CBD Oil being my number one go-to, I am confident in saying that learning to incorporate CBD oil into my daily routine has been seamless and done nothing but improve how I feel day-to-day throughout my active lifestyle. Keep reading to find out my top 5 most useful tips for incorporating CBD oil into my daily routine and how you can do the same!

  • Make It A Habit: Probably my most important step for establishing my daily use of CBD oil is to start out intentionally. By building the habit, it has essentially become an automatic to-do as a part of my daily routine. For some starting out, in order to get the habit going, it may look like setting a reminder on your phone or creating a to-do in your Google Calendar. Finding what works for you and remembering that maintaining consistency is the most important step to keep in mind, is the first step to incorporating CBD into your daily routine.
  • Pair It With A Beverage: Similar to most people, convenience is what’s important to me, and you’re likely no different. I’ve found that by adding a few drops of CBD into my morning coffee or tea, not only am I killing two birds with one stone, but I’m also able to tackle my day on a more de-stressed and focused note. I highly suggest to anyone looking to get their daily CBD in to pair it with a beverage, so when you’re frothing your oat milk into your morning latte, simply just add a few drops with it!
  • Replace The Wine: Instead of opting for a glass of red or white at the end of the night, why not make a CBD Mocktail to top off the night? CBD is known to help promote a good night’s sleep and relax the mind and body from a hard day’s work. This is also a great option for the times when it may have slipped your mind to add to your morning coffee or tea. Switching from wine to sipping on a nice relaxing CBD drink has proven to be a simple yet game-changing before-bed solution!
  • Add It To Lotion: Not only can CBD be ingested, but also topically applied and absorbed into our system through our largest organ- our skin! CBD oil makes for the perfect addition to your self-care ritual after a nice shower or whenever you feel like your skin needs a little pick-me-up. By adding a few drops to your lotion of choice, the added benefits include soothing muscles, acting as an anti-inflammatory aid and the best part? By treating it like a daily self-care ritual, it makes you feel extra pampered! Now that’s a win-win in my book.
  • Post Workout: With an active lifestyle that requires me to be constantly on the go in addition to daily exercise, muscle soreness and body aches can be a recurring theme. Prior to implementing CBD, I was in a constant battle of recovery and discomfort, with CBD being the reprieve I needed. Taken under the tongue post-workout, I’ve found this to be a great solution for getting my CBD in when I most need it for the day-to-day. Try it for yourself and discover the wonderful benefits for muscle recovery!